Misi Gaia

This info-ed series produced by The Moving Visuals Co (TMVC) for Suria Channel, Mediacorp Singapore is an environmental-themed reality series in the Malay language. New host Amyrah Mustafa explores different green initiatives overseas to see how they can be adopted back home in Singapore as well as other green initiatives presently being practised in Singapore.

Red Communications Sdn Bhd provided overseas production support and commissioning HonYuen Leong to oversee the series content (with script writer Baizura Kahar and TMVC) and to direct in Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia, with direction by TMVC in Singapore. Filming locations: Kuala Lumpur and Klang (Malaysia), Jakarta, Pulau Tidung and Depok (Indonesia), Osaka and Kamikatsu (Japan), and Singapore.

Ep 1 Fashion Gaia: In a world of fast fashion, many clothes are thrown into landfills. In Misi Gaia’s pilot episode, Amyrah finds a way to recycle textiles and prevent them from becoming waste in Malaysia and Singapore.
Ep 2 Zero Waste: Prevention is better than cure. This time Misi Gaia led Amyrah to Japan where she visits Kamikatsu, a zero waste town. There, she gets a taste of the local experience and finds out how they achieved Zero Waste town status.
Ep 3 Upcycling: This week, we find out how waste can be upcycled. Amyrah discovers how to turn trash into useful products as we visit Malaysia for our second trip there.

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