Stories which begin conversations and inspire people to question or take action.

Welcome to Factual TV, where thought-provoking narratives have been crafted to ignite conversations for the past 15 years! The founder, a seasoned media professional in print, online, and broadcast, with a passion for digging into the heart of stories, embarked on this journey with a clear goal: to take on challenging stories, and get people talking.

From collaborating with the Pulitzer Center to forging connections with Warner Bros International Television Production Australia, Al Jazeera, A&E Networks, Discovery Channel and homegrown and overseas production companies, the founder’s path has been filled with exciting opportunities. The founder has worked on groundbreaking projects, such as the impactful Safeguarding the Central Forest Spine project (2020-2022) which featured compelling articles, engaging short films, and with six indigenous Hornbill Guardians, an immersive photo exhibition that toured Peninsular Malaysia – all made possible thanks to the support of the Southeast Asia Rainforest Journalism Fund, Factual TV and the crowdfunding community!

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