Ready to turn your story into something incredible? Whether you’ve got an interesting tale to tell but don’t know where to begin, or need a hand with training videos or workshops, I and my freelance team members have got you covered.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Production: We tell impactful stories through visual storytelling, expertly handling every aspect of your project. Whether you need a producer, director, or promotional photographer, trust our over three decades of TV production experience.

Post-Production: Have your own footage? We’ll turn it into a compelling story for your brand or project with ease.

Filming in Malaysia by Foreign Producers: I’ll manage your team’s permits, transport, logistics, and accommodation—just give me time to prepare.

Research, Scriptwriting, Journalism: Let me assist with research, scriptwriting, and feature writing for print and documentaries.

Digital Skills, Media & Experiential Learning: Academicians, research scientists and indigenous people join my workshops to master storytelling and video production. The indigenous women learn skills to turn beeswax into a profitable product to supplement their income.

Website Crafting: With 20 years of experience, I am familiar with WordPress to craft websites, focusing on nature, environment, arts & culture, and education.

Ready to make something amazing? Get in touch with me today to bring your vision to life. View my Portfolio. Let’s create something incredible together!



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