Mangroves of Peninsular Malaysia: A Guide to Commonly Seen Species

This handy reference is a perfect companion during a guided mangrove walk or an outing with friends and family. The compact guide measuring 8.5 x 4 inches fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Unfold it into a beautiful double-sided full colour visual map of what’s amazing about our mangrove forests! Interested to see the plant that produces salt? Or the crab that climbs trees? Now see how many plants and animals you can spot with this helpful guide!

A year in the making, this guide wouldn’t be possible without the generous contribution of time, knowledge and photographs from academicians, photographers and MNS members of which the Marine Group would like to extend heartfelt thanks to: J.W.H. Yong, Chew Ming Yee, Andy Paul, Loh Wan Yeng, Wong Wee Liem, Terence Ang, and HY Leong.

Client: Malaysian Nature Society Marine Group (Selangor Branch)
Services provided: Writing, editing and designing

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