A frame in time

One night as I emerged from the National Press Club, a thick haze enveloped the empty streets, tinged with the amber glow cast from the overhead street lamps. I drew my SLR camera, putting my eye to the viewfinder. Two days later, my images were splashed on the cover page and page 2 accompanied by a story of the haze in Section Two, The Star.

This page, A frame in time – has been part of Factual TV’s website from day one largely to share with viewers another perspective of life. For me, photography has largely remained at the sidelines – a not-for-profit hobby. “Let’s see how the photos turn out before I write the story,” is what I would say to an interested editor. Of if I got the green light beforehand, I would fret if the photos will turn out well (pre-digital era).

Then one day, Nigel & Lisa of Small World Stories Australia enquired if I would be their fixer in Malaysia and photograph their behind-the-scenes. I remembered there was some hesitation but they were quite adamant. The photographs turned out well, and since then photography has been quietly added as a service.

Here are selected photographs whilst on other assignments between 2007-2018 (except Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Pasir Gudang) for A frame in time. Photography by Leong Hon Yuen/www.factualtv.asia


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