Since 2009, Factual TV has been committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability both in the office and outdoors during shoots. Here’s a summary of its eco-friendly practices:

In the Office:

  • Supplier Selection: I carefully select suppliers who share my eco-friendly values, ensuring that the products meet strict sustainability standards.
  • Reuse & Recycling: I prioritise recycling in the office, utilising both sides of paper and repurposing materials like cardboard and envelopes. I’m also transitioning to QR codes for business cards to minimise paper usage.
  • Reduction Strategies: Printing is kept to a minimum to reduce waste and conserve resources.
  • Energy Efficiency: My office is equipped with energy-saving fixtures, and I utilise curtains and fans to regulate temperature. Additionally, I maintain the air conditioning at a moderate 24 degrees Celsius to save energy.

During Film Productions:

  • Drinking Water: Crew members are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles, which are refilled from large containers. When single-use drinks are necessary, I prioritise aluminum cans over plastic, which are later recycled.
  • Food: The crew opt to dine in to reduce disposable food containers and cutlery. Reusable food containers are utilised for longer productions and later donated, while brown disposable paper lunch boxes are used for shorter shoots. I also support local cuisine and restaurants sourcing ingredients locally.
  • Transport: Carpooling and shared transportation options are encouraged to minimise the production’s carbon footprint. Remote reviews and editing platforms are utilised for post-production activities to minimise unnecessary travel.

Through these combined efforts, I aim to prioritise sustainability and reduce environmental impact both in Factual TV’s day-to-day operations and during film productions.

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