Since the first day of business in 2009, we have looked into ways to minimise our carbon footprint as well as to use products that are resource-use efficient. We purchase products from suppliers that meet our criteria.

In the office:

  1. Reuse & recycle: We reuse both sides of the paper; re-purpose cardboard boxes, envelopes and courier/dispatch sleeves; our business cards are printed on recycled paper but we will eventually replace it with QR codes that are scanned and stored; and we use recycled paper sleeves to send DVDs to our clients.
  2. Reduce: We don’t print unless we have to.
  3. Energy: We illuminate with energy saving light bulbs, use curtains to shield off the sun’s rays, fan cool the office and use the air-conditioning at 24 degrees Celsius only in the mid-afternoons (unfortunately our office is just below the attic and heat does rise!).




During productions:

  1. Drinking water: Local and foreign crew members are requested to bring their own reusable water bottles and we refill from 1.5L or 9.5L drinking water bottles depending on accessibility of the locations (e.g. urban, forest etc). In some cases, when we cannot avoid single-use drinks, we purchase aluminum cans over plastic – that are dropped off at the nearest recycling facility at the end of filming.
  2. Food: When able to, we dine in so we can avoid using disposable food containers and cutlery. On longer productions, we purchase reusable food containers and ensure the restaurants pack our meals in them. At the end of filming, we donate the reusable food containers to the community or crew members. For shorter productions, we provide restaurants with brown disposable paper lunch boxes instead of using their disposable plastic containers. We either eat with our hands, use the restaurant’s cutlery or our own disposable bamboo cutlery.
  3. Choice of food: Where possible, we choose to buy from restaurants who source ingredients locally and we encourage local and foreign crew to eat the local cuisine.
  4. Transport: Where possible, we car pool to pick up and drop off crew members and use shared transport during production. For post-production, we use an online platform to remotely review edits so we can cut down on travelling.


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