4. Living Well – Rina Omar 3:00 5. Guardians of Tradition – Asoka Remadja 3:00 6. Michelle Yeoh in Safe Steps PSA 1:00 7. Hashim’s School of Hope 25:00 8. 1975: KL Under Siege 47:49

A frame in time

One night as I emerged from the National Press Club, a thick haze enveloped the empty streets, tinged with the amber glow cast from the overhead street lamps. I drew my SLR camera, putting my eye to the viewfinder. Two days later, my images were splashed on the cover page and page 2 accompanied by a story of the haze …

Jaring & Jaringan (in post-production)

Jaring & Jaringan is a documentary film about fishermen struggling to survive the first 85 days of the country’s Movement Control Order to stem the spread of Covid-19. Fishermen cast their nets to catch fish, but will it take a network of Malaysians to help all to survive? This film is about compassion, unity, history and traditions which will inspire …

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